The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Tuesday 5th June - seating ballot at the Queen Victoria Memorial

Terms and Conditions

Tickets to The Diamond Jubilee 2012 - Tuesday 5th June (the 'Event') will be issued by Ticketmaster on behalf of the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport ('the Event Organiser') subject to the Ballot Rules and to the Terms and Conditions indicated here or displayed at the venue (as either may be changed from time to time at the Event Organiser's absolute discretion). Entering the ballot and the use of the ticket signifies agreement by the holder to the following Terms and Conditions and Ballot Rules:

  1. The Event Organiser shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense (including any damage to personal property), except in the case of death or personal injury and only if due to any negligent act or omission on their part. Under no circumstances will the Event Organiser be liable for unforeseen or indirect loss of any form.
  2. The Event Organiser reserve the right to postpone or cancel the Event at any stage, if deemed necessary in their opinion, or if circumstances arise outside their control. They also reserve the right to alter or change the format, timings, or any aspect of the Event, without prior notification.
  3. Should the Event be postponed, cancelled, the format, timings or any other aspect of the Event altered, the Event Organiser will not be liable for the payment of any compensation or for any loss of money and/or expenses incurred.
  4. The Event Organiser may ask for reasonable proof that the bearer of the ticket has been issued with it in accordance with the rules governing the ticket ballot or other ticket distribution methods employed by the Event Organiser.
  5. No child under the age of 13 will be permitted to enter. PLEASE NOTE: any eligible guest under the age of 18 MUST have a valid ticket and be accompanied by the ticket holding adult who nominated them. Proof of age may be requested upon entry and ticket holders must bring the required personal ID stipulated below. Original tickets should be retained at all times during the Event.
  6. Tickets may not be sold, traded, transferred or offered for sale and may not be used as a prize or for any other promotional or trade purpose by anyone except the Event Organiser. Sale or attempted sale is grounds for seizure or cancellation and those trying to use resold or cancelled tickets will be refused entry into the Event.
  7. Tickets cannot be used by anyone other than the person whose name appears on the ticket. All ticket holders will be asked to bring two separate forms of identification; one of which must be photographic (either a passport or photo driving licence); and one of which must confirm current home address. It is the ticket holder's responsibility to inform the Event Organiser of any change to home address from that indicated on their application form.
  8. No re-admission is permitted under any circumstances.
  9. The Event Organiser reserve the right to refuse anyone entry to the Event at their absolute discretion, and any person who fails to comply with instructions from an official steward or other person acting on behalf of the Event Organiser may be ejected. In addition anyone found (in the opinion of the Event Organiser, or person acting on their behalf) to be causing damage to any part of the venue, the venue infrastructure, causing harm to any other person at the venue or in the near vicinity, or to be behaving in an illegal, anti social or aggressive manner, and/or appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or in breach of these conditions will be ejected from the venue or the immediate vicinity and may be reported to the police.
  10. The Event Organiser reserve the right to search all persons and personal property and refuse admission to, or eject from the Event, any person who refuses to be searched by an official steward or the police; or other person acting on their behalf. Other than as may be required by the Event Organiser for the purposes of staging the Event, the following articles are not permitted at the Event - large flags, advertising or marketing messages, chairs, knives, fireworks, smoke canisters, air-horns, flares, weapons, dangerous or hazardous items, laser devices, glass vessels, cans, poles, and any article that might be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety. This list represents a non-exhaustive list of the types of articles which are not permitted and the Event Organiser retain a discretionary right throughout.
  11. No alcohol is permitted to be taken into the Event. Glass and cans are not permitted. STRICTLY NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES WILL BE PERMITTED.
  12. Unauthorised photography or use of recording equipment is prohibited. No professional photography equipment e.g. zoom lenses, audio visual or cinematographic devices will be permitted into the Event without the prior written consent of the Event Organiser.
  13. The Event will be photographed and filmed for live and recorded transmission by the press and broadcasters, including internet streaming. Ticket holders hereby give their express consent to the use of their actual or simulated likeness in connection with the production, exhibition, advertising or exploitation of any photograph, film, video and/or audio recording of this Event and/or any element thereof in any/all media throughout the world in perpetuity.
  14. It is against the law to smoke in enclosed spaces and this includes tents. Please observe the signage at the Event.
  15. No animals will be permitted, other than guide dogs for the blind and/or hearing dogs for the deaf and/or assistance dogs for disabled attendees.
  16. Each ticket holder acknowledges that these terms and conditions of entry, together with any terms and conditions incorporated into the Ballot Rules found on the website (www.jubilee5june.co.uk) and any other terms and conditions as may be stipulated by the Event Organiser represent the entire agreement between themselves and the Event Organiser with respect to the Event.
  17. The Event Organiser, Ticketmaster (the company contracted to collect application details, manage the application process, and the ballot on behalf of the Event Organiser), their sub-contractors, subsidiaries and/or agencies cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any technical failure or malfunction or any other problem with any network or line, system, server, provider or otherwise which may result in any email or application being lost or not properly registered or recorded.
  18. No responsibility can be accepted for late or lost applications. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt.
  19. Applicants must supply full details as required and comply with all rules and regulations to be eligible for the ticket(s). No responsibility is accepted for ineligible applications, or applications made fraudulently.
  20. The personal details you provide when entering the ballot will only be used by the Event Organiser, Ticketmaster, RE:Systems (the company contracted by Ticketmaster to build the website infrastructure), and other organisations concerned with the administration and security of the event. Information will only be held for as long as is necessary to ensure full, proper and appropriate administration of the event, following the event and be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Please visit the Department for Culture, Media and Sport Privacy Policy for more information.
  21. These terms and conditions are governed by English law.