The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Tuesday 5th June - seating ballot at the Queen Victoria Memorial

Ballot Rules

There are 5,000 pairs of free tickets for Diamond Jubilee 2012 - Tuesday 5th June, available through the Ballot.

Each successful applicant in the Ballot will be able to nominate a guest, giving a total of 10,000 tickets.

Applicants must be 18 or over as of 16 April 2012 to apply for a ticket. The nominated guest must be aged 13 or over as of 16 April 2012.

The Ballot is open to those who are resident in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Isles and the Isle of Man; and to those who have a BFPO address. Other overseas entries will not be considered. This applies to both applicants and their guest.

Applications may only be made online or by post. If you prefer to apply by post, please send your application, detailing your full name, full address, contact telephone number, email address where possible, and the full name of your nominated guest, to "Queen's Diamond Jubilee, PO Box 798, Manchester, M60 1WU". Please also indicate to us if you require access to the special access platform. Please see the Terms and Conditions and note that only one application will be accepted per person whether made online or by post.

Only one application per person is permitted regardless of method of application. Duplicate entries are not permitted. Checks will be made to identify and exclude duplicate entries.

Applications can be made from 09:00 hrs BST on 16 April 2012 until 23:59 hrs BST on 20 April 2012. Postal applications must be received by 20 April 2012. Applications received after 20 April 2012, whether online or by post, will not be considered. If you apply online, at the end of the application process, you will receive an email confirming safe receipt of the application within 48 hours. If you apply by post you will not receive any confirmation of your application.

After the closing date, tickets will be randomly drawn in an independently verified Ballot.

Tickets are not being allocated on a first-come first-served basis. There is as much chance of being selected if the application is made on 16 April as by the closing time on 20 April. Applications do not guarantee that you will receive a ticket through the ballot process.

Successful applicants will be notified by email (if the application was made online) and by letter (if the application was made by post) by early May 2012. At that time further information will be given about the event.

If you apply online, please check to see if your application has been successful; and check your spam and junk mail folders.

Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified.

Successful applicants (and their guests) are responsible for their own costs including travel to and from the event, and any accommodation.

Tickets are strictly non-transferable. The ticket cannot be used by anyone other than the person whose name appears on it. See security arrangements in the FAQ section.