The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Tuesday 5th June - seating ballot at the Queen Victoria Memorial

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I apply for tickets?

We are no longer accepting applications to enter the Ballot. The application process closed at 23:59 hrs BST 20 April 2012.

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How will tickets be allocated?

Successful applicants will be randomly selected by an independently verified Ballot. 5,000 successful applicants will each receive a pair of tickets for themselves and a named guest.

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If I am successful in the Ballot, what will happen?

If your name is drawn in the Ballot, you will be notified by email (if you applied online) and by letter (if you applied by post) by early May 2012. You will also receive more specific information about the arrangements for the event and what to expect, including security arrangements, entry and exit points, and timings. Tickets will be sent out by post towards the end of May.

Please note that tickets will be strictly non-transferable. If, for whatever reason, you or your nominated guest is unable to attend, you may not pass on your ticket to someone else. Please see security arrangements below.

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How old do you have to be to attend?

You must be 18 or over as of 16 April 2012 to apply for tickets.

The event is not suitable for young children; it will be a long day starting early in the morning and finishing towards late afternoon. Therefore, your nominated guest must be aged 13 or over as of 16 April 2012.

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What will happen at the event?

Full details of when and where to come to will be provided to successful ballot winners. On arriving at the Queen Victoria Memorial seating (outside Buckingham Palace) in the morning, guests will be security checked and shown to their seats. The seating stands will offer a good view of the Queen Victoria Memorial, the Palace (including the balcony), and the Palace forecourt.

Ticket holders will be able to watch the departure of The Queen and other Members of the Royal Family from the Palace for the National Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral, the carriage procession back to the Palace, the balcony appearance and flypast. There will also be the opportunity to watch coverage of the rest of the procession and the service from St Paul's live on big screens. For more information on the day's events, click here.

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Which Members of the Royal Family will take part in the day?

The Queen and many Members of the Royal Family will take part in the day, including The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Henry of Wales.

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What else will be happening on Tuesday 5th June?

The day's events will include a service at St Paul's cathedral followed by two receptions, a lunch at Westminster Hall, a Carriage Procession to Buckingham Palace and finally a Balcony appearance and flypast. For full details of plans for the day, please see www.thediamondjubilee.org or www.direct.gov.uk/diamondjubilee.

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What will be happening outside Buckingham Palace whilst The Queen and Royal Family are away from the Palace at St Paul's and the receptions?

There will be big screens to allow ticket holders to watch live coverage of the day's events. Military bands will also be marching along the ceremonial routes. The seats will offer a great vantage point from which to enjoy the atmosphere of the day. Food and drink will be available to purchase from concession stands.

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Which carriages will be used in the procession?

The Queen and Prince Philip will be using the 1902 State Landau. Other carriages are to be confirmed and may depend on the weather.

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What time does the event begin and end?

All timings will be confirmed to successful ballot applicants. Ticket holders will need to give themselves sufficient time to ensure they are in their seats by no later than 9.30am. The event will finish with the flypast in the late afternoon.

If you are successful in the Ballot, we will let you know more information on timings, as well as more specific information on travel and transport in London, so that you can plan your journey well in advance (see below).

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What sort of security arrangements will there be?

Guests' safety and security at the event is a priority, so please arrive in good time. All guests will be subject to search on arrival, and this will take time and you may have to queue, but every effort will be made to move things along as quickly as possible.

As well as checking each guest's personalised ticket, guests will also be asked to bring two separate forms of identification, one of which must be photographic (a passport or photo driving licence); and one which must confirm current home address. Failure to provide adequate proof of identity may result in entry being refused. More details on the security arrangements, and the requirements, will be sent if you are successful in the Ballot.

Tickets will be strictly non-transferable and cannot be used by anyone other than the person whose name appears on the ticket.

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Will I be allowed inside the Palace?

The seating stands will be situated outside the Palace, around the Queen Victoria Memorial. Guests will therefore not be entering the Palace or Palace grounds.

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How will I get to the Queen Victoria Memorial seating stand?

We strongly recommend that guests use public transport as there will be no parking in the environs of Buckingham Palace. The nearest Rail and Underground Stations to the Queen Victoria Memorial seating stands are Green Park, Hyde Park, St James's Park and Victoria (Rail and Underground). Many buses pass within walking distance of the site.

If you are successful in the Ballot, you will be sent instructions on exactly where you will need to come to enter the stands; and more specific information on travel and transport in London, so that you can plan your journey well in advance.

For further information on travelling in London go to www.tfl.gov.uk.

For further information on what to do in London over the Jubilee Weekend go to www.visitlondon.com

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Will parking be available?

Unfortunately not and we strongly recommend that guests use public transport. However, suitable arrangements will be made, as required, for disabled guests.

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What facilities are you providing for disabled people?

When making your application to enter the Ballot, you will be asked whether you require access to the Special Access Platform. The Platform will provide an area for those who are unable to climb stairs, require wheelchair access, or have other special access requirements which mean they are unable to sit in the tiered seating stands. Those with special access requirements will be assisted to their places on arrival by stewards.

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What happens if it rains?

The seating area will not be covered, and unfortunately umbrellas will not be permitted, as they will obscure the view of others in the seating stands. We would advise bringing suitable wet weather clothing in case of rain.

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What will the dress code be?

There will be no particular dress code. Guests should wear what they feel comfortable in, bearing in mind the weather, the fact that the seating will be uncovered and the duration of the event, beginning early in the morning and lasting late into the afternoon. We would advise bringing a hat and sun protection, and wet weather clothing in case of rain.

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Will I be able to bring a bag / luggage?

Please do not bring large items of luggage with you. All bags will be searched and for security reasons large items of luggage will not be allowed into the event seating area. Small bags, handbags and rainwear may be brought in. There will be no cloakroom facilities provided.

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What facilities will there be?

There will be lavatories in the area around the Queen Victoria Memorial, as well as Concessions, if you wish to purchase food and drink.

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Can I come and go from the area during the day?

Once your ticket has been torn on entry by security staff, you will not be readmitted. If you need to leave before the event ends, you may of course do so but you will not be readmitted under any circumstances. You may of course move around freely within the seating stands area in order to access facilities, although we will encourage ticket holders to take their seats at key moments during the day.

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Will I be able to bring food and drink?

You may bring your own food and drink into the area if you wish. Alcohol will not be permitted. Food and drink will also be available to purchase from Concession stands. For safety reasons, cans and glass bottles or containers will not be permitted.

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Will I be able to bring a camera?

You may bring a camera. However, professional cameras (including zoom lenses and professional audio visual recording equipment) will not be allowed.

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What other Jubilee events are happening?

As well as the events on Tuesday 5th June, there are other special events happening over the weekend (2-5 June). For further information on the Diamond Jubilee weekend events and activities go to www.direct.gov.uk/diamondjubilee or www.thediamondjubilee.org.

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Who do I contact if I need help with my ballot application?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your application or have any further questions, please send an email to jubilee5june@ticketmaster.co.uk.